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Long Arm Quilting Services

Machine Quilting Preparation

  • The quilt top and backing must be pressed and squared up.
  • All loose threads must be snipped
  • All seamed edges must be basted to ensure they do not come loose.
  • If the backing is pieced, all salvage edges must be trimmed.
  • Pieced borders must have a stabilizing stitch 1/4 inch from all 4 edges.
  • Please do not baste, pin or tack the top, batting and backing together.
  • Batting and backing must be a minimum of 4 inches larger than the quilt top on all 4 sides.
  • Please let us know the preferred direction of your quilt, if applicable.
A base charge of $20 will be charged if any of the above must be done before quilting. Any additional time will be billed at $15 per hour.

Quilting Charges

The minimum charge for any quilt is $45.00

Basic Quilting - .02 cents per square inch
This includes simple pantographs, light overall patterns such as large strippling and meandering.

Simple Quilting - .03 - .04 cents per square inch
This includes medium overall pantograph, and medium strippling.

Thread will be chosen based on the fabric used in creating the top. 100% cotton thread is included in all pricing. Any specialty thread or color change will be $5.00 per color or thread.

A large selection of batting is available for purchase, or you can supply your own. Mountain Mist, polyester, and pieced batting will not be accepted. Batting must be 4 inches larger on all sides, be on one piece, and not larger than the backing.  

A large selection of wide back fabric is available for purchase or you can supply your own. Pieced backing must be square and all salvage edges removed. Remember that the backing must be 4 inches larger on all four sides than the quilt too.  Minky, fleece, and any fabric with a stretch will not be accepted.  

Several options are available for binding and can be discussed during initial evaluation.

Your quilt is important to us. Please remember than any puckers and fullness cannot be hidden in the quilting, but every effort will be made to accentuate the work you have created. We reserve the right to refuse any quilt, batting or backing.